Technical Pathway

Figtree Football Club/Wollongong United Football Club Partnership – Technical Pathway Q&A

The Illawarra’s largest Community Football Club and the largest Illawarra Premier League Club are joining forces to provide a quality technical development pathway for the benefit of talented junior players in the Illawarra.’

Figtree Football Club, established in 1964, aims to provide the opportunity for all ages and abilities to participate and develop in Football in a safe and friendly environment.  Over the last few years, Figtree Football Club has improved its social pathway, through the growth of its amateur senior teams to ensure that junior players can continue to play social football.

In 2019, Figtree Football Club has been working hard to further develop the technical pathway for its successful division 1 teams and is proud to announce this partnership with Wollongong United Football Club to collaborate on the technical development pathway for the benefit of talented junior players in the Illawarra.

Wollongong United Football Club is the largest Illawarra Premier League Club, established in 1976, have won over 20 trophies over the last 7 years with their Youth Grade being current Club Champions.  This is a testament to the coaching philosophies, player recruitment and retention, and overall goals of the club.

What is the aim of the partnership?
The aim of the partnership is to:
  • improve the technical development of Junior players at FFC;
  • provide a pathway into WUFC youth grade teams and beyond.

How is this going to be achieved?
Figtree Football Club has appointed Wollongong United Coach, Aaron Kellaway, as its Technical Director to be responsible for the Technical Development Pathway and the development of coaches at the club.
Aaron played for the Macarthur Rams for 15 years including his time in 1st Grade in State League and Super League.  He also represented Wollongong United First Grade for two seasons before turning his focus to coaching.
He has coached for 7 years in the Illawarra Premier League (IPL) and is currently the assistant coach for Wollongong United in the IPL.
Aaron also coached Figtree’s 2018 U12 Division 1 Champions and the 2019 U13 Division 1 Champions.
The club will then appoint qualified coaches to the newly created A-Team Development Squads for ages U12, U13 and U14.  This will be expanded to other age groups next year.

How do you get selected for an A-Team Development Squad?
Trials will be run in mid-January for selection into the A-Team Development Squads.  Grading for all other teams will take place, as usual, in February.

How do I apply for the trials?
You must register for the club through PlayFootball and have paid the full registration fee.  This ensures that you are covered by insurance for the trials.  Player welfare and safety is our priority.
Note: if other clubs offer you a trial and you are not registered with them, you are NOT insured.

What if I am unsuccessful at trials?
If you are unsuccessful at trials, you are guaranteed a place in our graded teams.  Remember, Figtree Football Club accepts all ages and all abilities.  Everyone gets to play football.
If you wish to try your luck at another club, we will release you from your registration and provide a full refund in line with our refund policy.

Where does your Technical Development Pathway lead?
Our aim is the development of every individual player whether it is to play for your country or to play socially as part of a team.  We believe through the application of quality coaches and player assessments we can continue to improve all players. 
Through the collaboration between the clubs on coaching, Wollongong United will have input into the development of players and in turn those players will be known and therefore have a greater chance of being successful in selection into Wollongong United’s Youth Grade.
Figtree Football Club has an existing relationship with South Coast Flame and will continue to promote players toward the representative sides in the Illawarra.  It is the Club’s intent to develop the same relationship with the Wollongong Wolves and Illawarra Stingrays.
Remember, our aim is the development of every individual player.
There are no guarantees, but also no false promises.

What is the difference between a trial and grading?
A trial is an invitation to try-out for a club.  If you are successful in the trial, you will be asked to come back. If you are unsuccessful, you won’t be invited to join.
At Figtree Football Club, if you are successful you will be asked to join our A-Team Development Squad.  If you are unsuccessful, you are guaranteed a place in our graded teams. Alternatively, you can de-register and we will provide a full refund in line with our refund policy.
Grading is compulsory for all registered junior players from U12 and above. Every player is guaranteed a team.
The purpose of grading is to ensure that players are placed in a team consistent with their demonstrated level of skill and ability, to ensure that the club maximises enjoyment of playing the game of soccer for every player.  At Figtree Football Club, we only grade junior players from ages u12 and above. every graded player is guaranteed a team.

How much is the Registration Fee for the A-Team Development Squad?
The registration fee is the same for all our graded teams at that age group.  More details of registration fees and what is included can be found at our website (

Can I use the Active Kids Voucher?
Yes, Figtree Football Club is an Active Kids Provider.  If you are unsuccessful in the trials and wish to deregister, we cannot refund the Active Kids Voucher to you, but we can transfer the funds to another club that you register with.