In 1964, a new club was born in Figtree.  Its name ‘Figtree Junior Soccer Club’.  The club started with 4 junior teams growing to 10 teams the following year.  By 1969, the club has changed its name to ‘Figtree Soccer Club’ and had introduced a men’s all age team.  

Towards the end of the Century the Club had been renamed again to ‘Wests-Figtree’ and was the one of the most successful Men’s teams in the Illawarra.


However, that all changed with the floods of 1998, which destroyed most of the grounds and fencing at Harry Graham Park.  The Men’s team moved to Unanderra and became ‘Wests-Illawarra’ and Club once more became a Junior only club and went back to its original name of ‘Figtree Junior Soccer Club’.

The Club rebuilt and in 2008, Men’s football came back when a handful of parents and coaches set up a social men’s team called Figtree Fire.  In 2015, the Socceroos won the Asian Cup and the junior ranks at Figtree grew to a record breaking 767 players, by far the biggest junior club in the Illawarra.  By this stage the club had formed a women’s teams and the men’s teams had grown to 5.

In 2017, to recognise the ever growing senior side, the club once again changed its name, this time to ‘Figtree Football Club’.  


In 2021, the Club now boasts 11 Senior sides and 68 Junior teams, catering for 900 players.  

Why is Figtree Football Club the largest club in the Illawarra?  It is because the club exists for all ages and abilities to play football in a safe and friendly environment that welcomes all members of our community.